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Vicco is Turkey's only children's shoe brand, the foundations of which were laid in 2005 by Sportek Ayakkabıcılık, which has a deep-rooted history in the shoe industry. Announcing its name with "children's shoe expertise", Vicco, the children's shoemaker, has the widest product range in Turkey and the fewest in the world in its category. Sportek Shoe Industry is known for its understanding that prioritizes R&D and production activities, with its extensive sales and distribution capability, with the strength of its knowledge heritage of more than 30 years. Producing meticulously by using advanced technological facilities in its 6000 square meter facility, Vicco carries out its R&D studies and technical analyzes in accordance with international norms and is inspected by independent laboratories.

Vicco philosophy; It is based on research, innovation, comfort and style. Adopting the values ​​of expertise, responsibility, innovation, honesty, happiness and modesty as a principle in all areas where it is active, Vicco has managed to become the leading company in its sector by rapidly growing thanks to the benefits and diversity it provides to the children's shoes market. Directing the fashion of children's shoes with more than 1000 designs for children every season, Vicco produces 1.5 million pairs of shoes per year and presents it to its consumers by combining current fashion values ​​with healthy designs. Vicco will continue to carry its knowledge and passion, which is the result of its long years of experience, to the future without sacrificing quality and originality, and to take a step towards innovations in the children's shoe industry. To achieve success; Vicco believes that it will be possible to increase the welfare level and performance of its employees, to attach great importance to product quality, to ensure customer satisfaction and to strive for excellence. Vicco always strives to raise the bar in its sector. Today, Vicco offers its customers multi-channel shopping opportunities with 36 concept stores located in different provinces of Turkey, e-commerce platform and 1300 different retail outlets throughout Turkey.


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Our Corporate Policies

As a company in the top ranks in the Turkish children's shoe industry, we believe that to achieve success; It is a phenomenon that will be realized by increasing the welfare level and performance of our employees, giving high importance to product quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and striving for excellence. For our valued customers; We constantly review our corrective and preventive activities within the framework of the quality management system and strive to achieve the best. Our quality targets are developed routinely to increase the performance of each of our units and we always raise the bar.

Resim açıklaması

Resim açıklaması

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To continue to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our company in the national / international market by constantly improving our own methods with our expertise in the field of children's shoes, to lead the sector and to be the most reliable and respected brand in the field of children's shoes in Turkey.


To ensure customer loyalty through strong communication and emotional bond with our consumers by constantly improving our product and service quality and meeting customer demands and expectations at the highest level. To expand the domestic chain of stores and increase our competitiveness and profitability as Turkey's leading children's shoe brand.

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